About Us

Cold Castle Studios is a Budapest-based design studio specialized in delivering graphic design building blocks, from logos and concept art, to GUI for gaming partners.

The founders are seasoned creators who have crafted award-winning advertising and design projects, with years of experience in developing design and concept art for games. Ambitious, experienced and with a firm belief in gathering talent from multiple disciplines, Cold Castle Studios aims to provide unique artwork and interfaces in the ever-developing gaming segment.


Game Logo Design

The story of any game starts with the logo. It defines the tone and the style of the experience that follows.

Shape, color, and the smallest details all serve a purpose in a game logo, hinting at the adventures and stories within.

Each logo of the many in Cold Castle Studios’ portfolio is a gate to a different world.

Concept Art / Illustration

Regardless of the story or the game mechanics, all the elements of a game have to be built and drawn from scratch. Locations, characters, and items of interest all start their lives as concept art crafted from many hours of research and sketches.

Check out Cold Castle Studios’ previous illustration and concept work and see how our imagination brings to life the widest palette of game elements.


We are proud to have the best in the video and board game industry among our clients!


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